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View-Master Database!

View-Master is a unique 3D stereo picture viewing system that was invented and first commercially released in 1939. Since that time, more than one billion reels have been issued.

Although known today mostly as a children's toy, View-Master released sets on a variety of different subjects over the years that are of interest to people of all ages. Among the more popular are scenic packets that were produced in the 1950s and 1960s, which have became quite collectable.

As there was no official list of titles, this View-Master Database is an attempt to build a complete list of every individual reel, set, and their variants known to have been issued. It is hoped that the site will be of value to collectors and can continue to be expanded in the future.

Packet of the Day - January 20, 2018
Pinocchio / Lady & the Tramp / Snow White B315